Beginners Self Defence Classes

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Beginners self defence classes,everyone is welcome to come along to our beginners classes,we cater for men women and juniors aged 14 and above fit or unfit is not important and no previous self defence experience is necessary,we offer beginners self defence classes in newham,beginners self defence classes in woolwich,beginners self defence classes in bermondsey,beginners self defence classes in pimlico,beginners self defence classes in greenwich,beginners self defence classes in southwark and beginners self defence classes in westminster.

  • The beginners self defence classes in newham are held in the multi use sports centre @ newham leisure centre London E13 8SD on Tuesdays and Thursday 8-10pm.
  • The beginners self defence classes in woolwich are held in the multi function hall @ the waterfront leisure in woolwich London sSE18 6DL on Sunday 6-8pm and Wednesdays 8-10pm.
  • The beginners self defence classes in the Bermondsey are held on Mondays 8-10pm in the Dance studio @ The city of London academy  sports centre 240 Lynton Road SE1 5LA.
  • The beginners self defence classes in pimlico are held in studio 1 @ the dolphin fitness club in pimlico London SWIV 3LX on Fridays 7.30-9.30pm and Saturdays 2pm-3.30pm.
  • The beginners self defence classes in greenwich are held @ the waterfront leisure centre high street woolwich in the london borough of greenwich.

Kempo jujitsu is a fantastic self defence sytem the combination of three of the worlds most popular martial arts kempo,jujitsu and escrima,kempo/kenpo/chuanfa all mean fist law and was developed in china,Japan Okinawa Hawaii and the usa and is famous for it,s rapid striking techniques.

Jujitsu was developed in Japan on the battlefield by the samurai Japan's legendary warriors,jujitsu is the fore runner of judo,aikido and some karate styles and contains throws joint locks chokes and strangles known as shimi waza pressure point nerve holds take downs leg sweeps immobilisations
and weapon defence.

Escrima is from the Philippines and contains single stick double stick stick and knife and single knife as well as mano a mano empty hand techniques which include throws locks take downs punches kicks and elbow strikes.

Martial arts practice is great for self defence,self confidence,street awareness fitness and health why not stay fit while learning to defend yourself ? The practice of martial arts has many benefits a part from those already mentioned martial arts practice is great for making friends and great for stress relieve.

Imagine being able to deal effectively with any violent situation that you may find yourself in through no fault of your own ? What a power to have.

Our street self defence classes are held the following areas and boroughs.



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