Self Defence Classes In Greenwich

Defend yourself by learning self defence techniques with us. We offer combat clubs style techniques that will help you save yourself and your dear ones in difficult situation.

We offer classes at many places in London. If you are resident of Greenwich area and are interested in our self defence classes in Greenwich, you can contact us and book your first free lesson. We are open to men, women and children over 14 years.

If you are interested in kempo, jujitsu or escrima, you are looking at the right website. Please contact us now to get more information about the techniques we cover and schedule at our Greenwich centre. Combat clubs style lessons are very popular at self defence classes in Greenwich. Mostly people are mistaken by martial arts and think it is not enjoyable. However, people coming to our classes for lessons enjoy it through the classes and also are very happy at the end of it. They gain considerable self confidence and have faith in themselves for saving their near and dear ones if the situation demands.

 The society in which we live in uses weapons widely in any violent crime. Hence it is also important to learn defence using weapons. We do have options to learn how to use weapons like knife in our knife self defence.

At our centers you will feel very comfortable and not feel that you are in violent environment at all. Learning with us is very enjoyable and comfortable.  We understand different needs of different students and help you achieve your goals in that way.  Not only we teach you skills to protect yourself, your family and your friends but also we make sure you get fitter and stronger. Along with your confidence, your co-ordination and your awareness will improve.  All of these will happen while you learn effective self defence skills.

Contact us now to know more our centre at Greenwich and to book your first free lesson.


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