Self Defence Classes in Newham

Self Defence is important to learn as a survival skill. Like we understand the important of fire safety, water safety, first aid etc, we should also consider keeping ourselves safe by learning martial art for self protection.  It should be considered as one type of insurance. Everyone should insure life safety by learning some good self defence techniques.

Some techniques of martial arts train primarily self defence and some techniques are used as combat sports can be effectively used for actual self defence.

We offer street self defence classes in Newham and many other places in London. Our classes help one to tackle the difficult situations.  Be it a road rage or a dispute over parking spaces or workplace aggression issues. Taking self defence classes in Newham not only builds your confidence level but also it makes you proud as you know you will be able to save you dear ones in a difficult situation. We also train for knife street defence techniques to tackle tough situations in street with attacker with knife. Kempo and Jujitsu are some of the famous techniques used for protection. We also cover Escrima in our lessons together with kempo and jujitsu.

Our classes are open for men, women and juniors aged more than 14 years. Our classes teach you combat style lessons that help you in actual situation when you need it. It includes kicking, punching and throwing along with the ground work. Our classes also focus in building the self discipline. Most of the people think that martial arts clubs have violent environment however this is not true. We have a very enjoyable environment where you just love coming for every session and love learning our techniques.

Residents in Newham or areas near Newham in London can attend our classes at The multi use sports centre @ Newham Leisure Centre, 281 Prince Regent Lane London E13 8SD On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10pm.

Feel free to contact us on 07767 207227 to know more about our syllabus or techniques. We offer first lesson free so why not call us now and book your first free lesson!


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