Self Defence Classes In Southwark

Get yourself fitter and stronger with us. Come and join our self defence classes in Southwark.

Our classes have disciplined and carefully designed approach. Our approach is structured in such a way that it develops self control and co-ordination. It also inspires confidence and respect from other people. Our classes can be opted for fun, fitness and also weight loss.

Kempo Jujitsu learning requires commitment. Most of the people joining us for Kempo Jujitsu in our classes enjoy training and continue through to the higher grades. People learning with us enjoy the entire schedule and gain many advantages. Our technique of combat club style helps people a lot and this is the reason we are one of the popular classes in Southwark. Our lessons cover everything that should be in a self defence class. We help individuals achieve their goals and reach black belt grade. We welcome beginners and experienced and hence our classes are fun to be with. We make sure all our sessions are comfortable and you do not feel stress at our centers. Men, women and children over 14 years are most welcome to learn our techniques.

Hansie Brown is our chief and principle instructor and holds rich experience in judo, aikido renshinkai karate, shotokan karate, kempo jutsu, american kenpo karate, nihon kempo, goshin jujitsu, juko ryu jujitsu and doce pares escrima kali & arnis, tackenouci ryu jujitsu and the original kajukenbo system. We follow combat club style so that people learning at our centre with Hansie can actually apply what they learn in real situation. We teach how to strike and kick. Using pressure points is very important as it will make your job easy in difficult situation. We cover all these in our self defence classes in Southwark.

Contact us to know more about out centre in Southwark. We are happy to provide you information on our lessons and what will suit you the best. We welcome beginners to learn as well as experienced people wanting to keep practicing can join us to learn more techniques in our Southwark centre.  Call us now. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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