You will be taught how to strike, how to kick, how to use pressure points, how to block break fall and how to escape from and deal with the most common types of assault. As you progress through the kempo jujitsu self defence system you will be taught how to deal with every and any conceivable violent situation that you may encounter. Street self defence classes include knife defence classes in London as well as multi attackers.

We live in a violent society London like many big cities has it's fair share of crazies it makes sense for everyone to know a little street self defence through street self defence classes in London as knife attacks are common place these days knife defence classes in London is a must. Just look at the statistics to see how many stabbings there are in London each month, as society changes people are becoming more stressed out and some people can’t handle the pressures of everyday living an become easily annoyed living and surviving in London can be extremely difficult, street self defence skills will make you a more confident person and having skills through knife defence classes in London could save your life.

The kempo jujitsu self defence system covers everything you could possibly imagine and aims to give the challenge to obtain your goal and reach the coveted shodan or 1st Degree Black Belt, you will start off being taught how to do basic striking techniques basic kicking techniques a set of elbow strikes a set of basic but highly effective pressure points and atemi points then you will progress on to dealing with safety zones and personal space and front and rear strangulations and defending against right and left punches, next you will move on to being taught the first weapon defence against downward blows to the head and knife bottle or a glass being push into your face or stomach after this you will progress onto escaping from front and rear bear hugs over and under the arms finishing with counters to front and rear hair grabs and right and left jabs to the face.

Having self defence skills does not mean that you seek out violent confrontations in fact martial arts will teach you how to avoid trouble unless you have absolutely no choice. The next belt covers sleeve grabs, attempted strangles, Japanese strangles, various lapel grab defences, various wrist grabs front and rear, next we move on to pushed up against a wall and on to ground strangles and ground defence. Street self defence classes in London are held at 4 locations knife self defence classes in London are held at the same venues.

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