Self Defence Classes In Woolwich

Learning martial arts for self defence can be proved very beneficial. It not only helps defending yourself in difficult situations but also helps improving the level of fitness. One more advantage of learning martial arts like kempo jujitsu is that it equips the person with self discipline. Our self defence techniques are well proven as street self defence techniques. As the criminals to not follow rules and do not play fair, we also cover the techniques keeping these angle in mind so the art that you learn with us can actually help you when required.

Most of the people have a misunderstanding that the environment in any martial arts classes or a combat clubs is filled with testosterone. This is not the case with our classes. People learning kempo jujitsu with us enjoy a lot as we focus on building the confidence from scratch.  You can also try our sessions if you wish to lose some weight and shape your body. Anybody over 14 years of age can try our free session and know more about what we teach. Our method of teaching focuses more on ground work. Also we include kicking, punching, throwing and locking techniques that will help building the confidence. Our combat systems have Kempo, Ju-jitsu and Escrima which gives the participants an edge. For self defence classes in Woolwich, you can contact us to know more about what we offer and the nearest classes from Woolwich.

Mostly people are mistaken about martial arts thinking as violence between two participants. However this is not the case as it builds teamwork as our class members work together while learning lessons, not only this but they also boost each other’s confidence. We welcome beginners as well as trained coming to practice the techniques.

To know more about self defence classes in Woolwich, you can contact us and we will arrange your first free class. 

Our classes in Woolwich are held at the address below.

The multi function hall @ the Waterfront Leisure Centre, High Street Woolwich London SE18 6DL on Sundays 6-8pm and Wednesdays 8-10pm

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