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Kempo Jujitsu Street Self Defence Classes in London

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Classes ideal for women,men and juniors(age 14+)

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Self Defence in London

Our Kempo Jujitsu Classes

You’ll gain so much from learning a martial art. Beyond the vital self-defence techniques, you’ll also develop personal confidence and self-discipline and improve your level of fitness. Jujitsu, like other martial arts, is as much about developing character as it is about developing skills in self-protection.

Jujitsu classes for women

Our jujitsu classes are also about having fun and making new friends. They include women and men, and juniors aged 14 and over. The mix of participants makes them fun and friendly, with warm banter and great camaraderie.

Building confidence, keeping fit and sharpening reactions are all excellent reasons for learning jujitsu. It’s a historic martial art of defence, that helps to keep you sharp and encourages fitness. We keep our classes relaxed and fun, so you’ll enjoy learning and participating in jujitsu.

Mixed Martial Arts in London

Hanshi Browne

Many people have found that our Browne Budo Ryu Kempo Jujitsu Close Quarter Combat system gets noticeable results quickly. The method includes ground work, kicking, punching, throwing and locking. It mixes Kempo, Ju-jitsu and Escrima to give participants an unrivalled range of combat skills, imagine learning kempo, jujitsu and escrima in one class.

Like most martial arts, the method is focused on building self-discipline. While the skills taught will undoubtedly increase a class member’s ability to hurt and disable an attacker, it also teaches them self-restraint.

Our kempo jujitsu classes in London also help to encourage team work. Many people incorrectly look at martial arts as violence between two people, but our members of jujitsu class in London work together to learn lessons and boost each other’s confidence. Getting into shape and losing weight are also reasons to give us a try.

We are accredited by the Fighting Arts Organisation of Great Britain and are confident of getting you the results you’ve always wanted.

Your first class is absolutely free so what are you waiting for? Come along and take our kempo jujitsu classes at London’s top martial arts school.

Street Self Defence Class Locations

  • Newham Leisure Centre, E13 8SD
  • Waterfront Leisure Centre (Woolwich), SE18 6DL
  • City of London Academy Sports Centre (Bermondsey), SE1 5LA
  • Dolphin Fitness Club (Pimlico), SW1V 3LX

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