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Hanshi Peter Browne 9th Dan Kempo Jujitsu

Meet Hanshi Browne

Hanshi Peter Browne began the practice of the martial arts in 1972, he has studied judo, aikido renshinkai karate, shotokan karate, kempo jutsu, american kenpo karate, nihon kempo, goshin jujitsu, juko ryu jujitsu and doce pares escrima kali & arnis, tackenouci ryu jujitsu and the original kajukenbo system.

Hanshi Browne holds black belts in Juko ryu jujitsu, kempo jutsu, american kenpo karate and doce pares escrima, kali & arnis, he believes all martial arts are good and have something to offer and knowledge is power the more you know the better and that good martial artist have open minds.

As far as realistic practical street self defence is concern the last place you want to be is rolling around on the ground especially with multiple attackers although all good martial arts must cover ground defence.

Hanshi Browne is the founder and chief instructor shodai soke of the Browne Budo Ryu kempo jujitsu self defence system has taught kempo jujitsu in 15 countries there is no sporting elements to his system as it is used only for self defence, Hanshi Browne has been inducted into the combat hall of fame, the world karate union hall of fame, the world head founders hall of fame and the martial arts pioneers masters and legends hall of fame.

Hanshi Browne is also the principal and chief instructor of the Fighting arts organisation of great Britain and the founder of the gathering of the masters international martial arts convention.

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